Priolite Hot Sync Studio Flash Kit

Priolite sets new standards for high-speed photography with studio flashes.
Most DSLR cameras offer the fastest studioflash - sync speed 1/250 sec. If a shorter time used in conjunction with studio flashes, you get black bars in the image, which will be larger, the higher the shutter speed is selected.

Priolite has now developed a solution that allows the photographer to use all shutter speeds the camera has, up to the ultra-fast 1/8000 sec. The full output of the studio flash light is available to the sensor.
With this solution very fast movements can be frozen in mixed light of flashlight and ambient light. To obtain selective depth of field, the aperture can be opened wide at a high shutter speed. This is important in a bright environment, such as when shooting in the snow or on the beach.
The Priolite system consists of one or more flash units of type MBX 500 - Hot Sync in conjunction with the Priolite Remote Control Prio -HS 1.
It is tested so far with Canon 1D,5D,6D and Nikon D3X,D4,D700,D800. As a starter set Priolite offers the HotSync Kit. This contains 1 MBX 500 - HotSync with a carryingtube, a 7inch reflector and the remote control Prio Control - HS 1 and costs € 1830 - . net. Single unit MBX 500 – HotSync costs Euro 1680.- net. Remote RC-HS costs Euro 210.- net.

The flash unit offered here supplies 500 Ws and is completely wireless. The energy is obtainedfrom a exchangeable Li-Ion battery that provides up to 200 flashes at full power per charge.

Orders with code number 03-0500-23 for the Hot Sync Kit are now being accepted. Delivery willstart in January 2014. Leadtime about 2 to 4 weeks depending on order volume.

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