PRIOLITE, the company

Priolite is a young, technology-oriented company. It was founded by Graduate Engineer Joachim Renschke together with his partner with the objective of developing state-of-the-art studio flash guns and spotlights for demanding photographers and video filmers.

For this reason innovative ideas were realized in Priolite equipment using state-of-the-art components. A focal point of development has been equipment based on lithium ion battery concepts. Priolite is therefore following the trend of offering equipment which operates independently of line power for maximum flexibility.

In combination with this concept for the power supply, LED's are being used to an increasing extent; on the MB500 even in combination as continuous lighting and photoflash. These light sources are distinguished by their exceptional performance and are particularly suited for professional lighting equipment.

At the Photokina 2010 we have presented 2 compact flash units, both with exceptional properties. Further developments are already in progress, particularly a mobile, cordless flash generator.

With this development Priolite caters to the trend of continuously increasing mobility. Today photographers frequently work at alternating locations and without their own studio. This makes the mobile, cordless studio with state-of-the-art, easily transportable equipment the perfect answer for successful photographers using modern methods.

All Priolite equipment is designed by experienced industrial designers and developed in Germany. At Priolite the label "Made in Germany" means just that!

We place great value on quality assurance. We intend to never be the reason for ruining a shooting with expensive models as a result of technical problems.

Joachim Rensche studied Electrical Engineering at the Technical University of Berlin, worked in Munich as development manager in the IT sector and managed the Company Hensel Studiotechnik GmbH & Co. KG in Würzburg from 1991 to 2008.

The experience gained there in the field of studio technology in combination with his international contacts are your guarantee for successful products.

Joachim Renschke has handed over the Priolite company management to Dr. Rainer Heise in September 2017. Dr. Rainer Heise studied at the University of Duisburg and did his PhD in the field of physics. Afterwards he was responsible for the development of flash tubes at Heimann / PerkinElmer for many years and took already over important areas of responsibilities at Priolite from 2013 onwards.

PRIOLITE founder Joachim Renschke (Dipl.-Ing.)
PRIOLITE founder Joachim Renschke (Dipl.-Ing.)