Softboxes, Umbrellas and more

60-0250-01 PRIO Stativ strong

Black anodized aluminum tripod, extendable up to 2.5m, very stable,...

61-0360-01 Multifunctional pan-tilt

Single-handed operation: enables at the same inclination and rotation by 360 °

70-9429-01 PRIO Softcase

Extra sturdy, 2 wheels, with inner compartments. For 2 monolights, 2 stands and accessories. Inner dimensions (LxWxH): approx. 94x29x33cm

82-0101-01 Charger

for MB500, MBX500, MBX1000, M-PACK500, M-PACK1000 and LED400

87-2000-01 sync cable

3.5mm jack for M500 and MB500

88-0000-05 Plastic protective cap

transport protection for M500, MB500, MBX300, MBX500, MBX1000 and HEAD1000

adjustable lighting

84-0100-02 for 100W Halogen
84-0300-03 for 300W Halogen


83-0500-01 for M 500, MBX 300, and MBX 500.
83-1000-02 for MBX 1000, M-PACK 1000 and HEAD 1000

Protective glass bell

88-0000-01 for glass clear
88-0000-01 for glass frostet