01-0500-04 PRIOLITE MBX 500 HotSync

The MBX 500 HotSync is a battery powered (built-in,exchangeable) 500Ws monolight, optimized for flash synchronization up to 1/8000 second. A long and even flash duration of 1/200 second enables focal plane shutters to properly expose the whole sensor. (Please click on the HotSync tab to learn more.) This HotSync functionality is only available with Priolite Remote Control HS. The unit can also be used with other flash triggering systems, but in such cases only shutter speeds up to 1/200 second are available. By using very short shutter speeds it is now possible to freeze high speed motion even on a bright sunny day. It also means that you can open up a lens to a wide aperture to achieve shallow depth of field.

The battery provides up to 220 flashes at full power and can be changed by the user.
The battery has a charge indicator, and can be charged inside or outside the flash unit. The power switch is protected against accidental switching by a spring-loaded flap, so the unit can be transported easily without being accidentally turned on. The flash power is adjustable in 1/10 f-stop increments, using a turning knob, or remotely up to 300 meters via a Remote Control.
The operation of the MBX 500 HotSync is the same as the standard version of this strobe - MBX 500. The robust reflector mount accepts not only Priolite reflectors but also Bowens S-line and many Hensel accessories. Except for the handle, all parts of the unit are constructed of solid metal. The support rail profile is made of aluminum casting, and the reflector mechanics are made of die-cast aluminum.

The omega-shaped flash tube has a long life span and can be replaced by the user. A quiet fan protects the strobe from overheating.

The HotSync feature is currently compatible with Canon, Nikon and Pentax Cameras - including Nikon D810.


Technical Data

Product: PRIOLITE MBX500 HotSync
Code Number: 01-0500-04
Power output: 500 Ws
Recycling time: 2.5 sec at full power
Fastest flash sequence: 5 flashes per second
Flash duration: 1/200 sec (t05) at full power
Color temperature: 5500 Kelvin
Modeling light: LED, equivalent to 80 W halogen
Achievable f-stop: 64,2
measured with 9 inch reflector at a distance of 1.0 m, ISO 100, measuring time 1/125 sec.
Flash sync speed: 1/8000 second with Priolite Remote Control RC-HS
Sync voltage: 5 V for safe triggering by modern digital cameras,
socket for 3.5 mm phone jack
Power control: in 1/10 f-stops, setting 10 corresponds to full power
500 Ws, setting 5 corresponds to minimum power 16 Ws
Flashes per battery charge: 220 flashes with 500 Ws each
440 flashes with 250 Ws each
over 6000 flashes at low power
Battery charging time: 2 h to 80 %, 3 h to full charge
16 V charger with multi-voltage connection for
world wide operation
Batteries: Li-ion battery with protection,
no memory effect, 16 V, 35 Wh, weight 2 lbs
Standard delivery: flash unit with glass dome, tilting head, protection cap
for transportation, flashtube, modeling light LED,
built-in remote control module, Li-ion battery, charger,
user´s manual
Accessories: additional battery drawer for convenient battery
replacement, remote control, various reflectors,
textile lightformers, stands, beauty dish, trolley, bags
Dimensions: 15.7 x 6.7 inch
Weight: 8.2 lbs. (including battery)
MBX500 Hot Sync 1MBX500 Hot Sync 2

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