04-1000-03 PRIOLITE M-PACK1000 HotSync

The M-PACK 1000 HotSync is a mobile flash power pack with a capacity of 1000 Ws, optimized for flash synchronization up to 1/8000 second.A long and even flash duration of 1/200 second enables focal plane shutters to properly expose the whole sensor. (Please click on the HotSync tab to learn more.) This HotSync functionality is only available with Priolite remote Control HS. The power pack can also be used with other flash triggering systems, but in such cases only shutter speeds up to 1/200 second are available. By using very short shutter speeds it is now possible to freeze high speed motion even on a bright sunny day. It also means that you can open up a lens to a wide aperture to achieve shallow depth of field.

The battery provides up to 160 flashes at full power and can be changed by the user. The battery has a charge indicator, and can be charged inside or outside the flash unit. The power switch is protected against accidental switching by a spring-loaded flap, so the unit can be transported easily without being accidentally turned on.
The M-PACK 1000 HotSync can be connected to a flash HEAD1000 via a robust connector. The power pack can be mounted either via a clamp on a stand, or can be carried in a bag with a wide shoulder strap. A solid protective cap also allows placement on the ground.

The operation of the M-PACK 1000 HotSync is the same as other Priolite monolights (MBX 500/1000) therefore operating errors can be avoided.

Like all Priolite flash units, the M-PACK 1000 HotSync is equipped with a built-in radio module, and can be controlled remotely with Priolite RC-HS. The connection to the flash HEAD1000 is done by a highly flexible 11 foot cable. Extensions are available.

This is a power pack only, please also check out HEAD 1000, and Priolite Radio Control RC-HS. You can also purchase this power pack combined with HEAD 1000 and RC-HS as a kit – please click on the kit tab.


Technical Data

Product: PRIOLITE M-PACK1000 HotSync
Code Number: 04-1000-03
Power output: 1000 Ws
Recycling time: 2.5 sec at full power
Fastest flash sequence: 5 flashes per second
Flash duration: 1/200 sec (t05) at full power
Achievable f-stop: 90,2
measured with 9 inch reflector at a distance of 1.0 m,
ISO 100, measuring time 1/125 sec
Flash sync speed: 1/8000 second with combination with Priolite RC-HS
Sync voltage: 5 V for safe triggering by modern digital cameras,
socket for 3.5 mm phone jack
Power control: in 1/10 f-stops from full power to 16 Ws.
The power control for the M-Pack1000 is partly performed
by switching capacitors. This ensures that the color
temperature stays almost constant over a wide range of
power setting.
Flashes per battery charge: 160 flashes
with 1000 Ws each
Battery charging time: 2 h to 80 %, 3 h to full charge
charger with multi-voltage connection
Batteries: 58 V, 80 Wh, 2 lbs.
Li-ion battery with protection, no memory effect
Standard delivery: built-in remote control module, user‘s manual
Accessories: additional battery drawer for convenient battery
replacement, remote control, flash head
Dimensions: 18.1 x 6.7 inch
Weight: 9.9 lbs. (including battery)
M-PACK 1000 HotSyncM-PACK 1000 HS on a stand

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