06-0400-01 PRIOLITE LED400

The LED 400 continuous light has 70 high power LEDs on a massive heatsink.

Like all Priolite products the LED 400 comes as standard with an integrated bi-directional wireless module. Therefore the power setting can be done with the remote control unit.

Special emphasis in the selection of LEDs was placed on the color rendering index RA. The LEDs used by Priolite have an index of RA 95 and thus, provide a fantastic color correctness. The light output is equivalent to a 400 W halogen bulb, but only with a fraction of the required electrical power.

Therefore, this lamp can be operated with a high-performance Li-ion battery. This battery is changeable for the user and thus allows an almost continuous operation of the lamp. The electronic system is monitored by a temperature sensor. In addition, an inaudible fan is installed to protect the electronics from overheating.

The lamp can be dimmed via the radio remote unit. In addition, the functions MAX and MIN power are available to bring the lamp quickly in the desired operating state. The power of the lamp can be adjusted steplessly.

The LED 400 has the same reflector holding mechanism as all Priolite devices. This allows all light shapers such as reflectors and soft boxes to be connected.

As the construction of the LED lamp 400 is comparable to those of all other Priolite devices, the LED 400 can also be attached with the standard tilt head on the tripod.


Technical Data

Product: PRIOLITE LED400
Code Number: 06-0400-01
Light output: 400 W equivalent to halogen
Power supply: changeable Li-ion battery,
58 V, 80 Wh, weight 2lbs.,
Color index: RA 95
Color temperature: 6000 Kelvin
Running time: 1 h at full power, 8 h at minimal power
Power adjustment: MIN / MAX setting and dimmable
Battery charging time: 2 h to 80 %, 3 h to full charge
58 V charger with multi-voltage connection for
world-wide operation
Remote: integrated radio module for remote control with Priolite Control A
Accessories: reflector mounting system for accessories from Priolite, Bowens and Hensel
Standard delivery: LED 400, built-in remote control module, protection cap,
Li-ion battery, tilting head, charger, user‘s manual
Dimensions: 14 x 6.7 inch
Weight: 6.4 lbs. (including battery)
LED400 72dpi

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